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 General Rules

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Sazuki Ryne

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PostSubject: General Rules   Thu Aug 14, 2008 8:50 pm

Please read everything carefully before roleplaying. We don't want to have to ban or warn you because you didn't read the rules well enough. Though it may look like a lot, most of it is just explanation. Rules are very important, so just read them so you don't end up in any sort of trouble. The rules below are color coded which shows what will happen once they are broken.

- Deleted
- Ban
- Heavy warning
- Minor warning
- Reminder

1. No insulting.
This includes racist comments, telling people they are stupid because they are younger then you, [etc...]. If you have a problem with someone, keep it to yourself. If someone is causing a problem on the other hand, please tell an admin so we can settle things. Please, show your respect to not only the admins, but to anyone using this forum.

2. Do not spam.
We don't want to see double posts to boost up your post count. If you accidentally post twice [it happens], there is a little nifty 'delete' button that you should use to get rid of the second post. Also, use the emoticons in places they can be used. No, the roleplay topics are not appropriate places for them.

3. No over PG-13 content.
There are children on here. This includes sexual, graphic, swearing every two words [etc...]. If we see this, it is an auto ban. After a week, you will be allowed to reenter your account.

3. No making an account, then just leave.
The admins are able to see if you are active or not. If we see that you are inactive for a week, you will be banned. If you are inactive for a month, you will be deleted. If you know that you are going to be gone for a period of time, please post in the Leaving/Joining forum, and we will hold your account.

The same goes for characters. If we notice that your characters have been inactive for a month, they will be moved to the graveyard where either you or someone else can pick them up.

4. No godmodding.
You cant dodge everything. Also, try not to use other people's characters unless you really have to. But in most cases, you don't really need to. If you are waiting for someone to post, and they may be gone for a few days, then say that they passed out or something so you have to protect them from danger. Just make sure you explain to them what happened so they don't come back thinking they are in the same place they were before they left. And also try not to get to far ahead.

5. No joining a roleplay, then saying you wont be on for a long time.
If you know you are going to have to be away for a long time, don't join a roleplay. We don't want to have everything just kind of hanging there. Not everyone can wait for you to return. Lets say you got grounded for the next three weeks and you get the computer for only that day. BUT you joined a roleplay two days before that happened. Just politely explain to your roleplay buddies that you got grounded, and either ask them to wait for you to return, or tell them to move on and you will catch up later.

6. One anime character per anime.
We can't handle three Gaara's, two Chii's, and seven Kagome's. Please, before you make a cannon character if you decide to make one, check the cannon character list to see if the character you want is available. And if it's not, do ont whine and complain about it. There are many characters to chose from. And if you don't like anyother characters, then make a made-up. You don't have to have a cannon.

7.Everything that is here will remain here.
I spent a long time putting this together. Do not steal any of the rules. Nothing may be taken off of this forum unless it was made by you. Meaning, games that YOU made may be put somewhere else. YOUR roleplay posts may be put somewhere else. But that doesn't mean someone else's roleplay posts, or someone else's games. If you are seen doing this, you will be deleted.
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General Rules
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