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 Roleplay Guide

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Sazuki Ryne

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PostSubject: Roleplay Guide   Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:29 pm

- What is a roleplay?
A roleplay is when you play as another person. They can be just like you, the exact opposite, or pretty much whatever you would like them to be. Sometimes you play as a cannon character, or a character that was already made in a series. [Take Naruto for example]. But, when you are a cannon character, you must act like the character did in the show.

- Now...how do I roleplay?
It's actually quite simple. Lets make our two characters. Well use Kikino and our male, laid back character. And Miziko as our hyper little girl.

[1st post, Kikino]-
Laying back with his hand folded behind his head. The cold breeze rushed through his soft, short, brown hair. Kikino's golden eyes stared off into the sky as the clouds rolled on by. The grass wasn't to itchy like it normally was. He could faintly hear howling in the distance. Slowly, he sat up, looking around for any sort of danger. Not smelling anything, he shrugged. "Must have just been a wolf running by." he said. Smiling, Kikino layed back down. With that, he shut his eyes, dozing off into a light sleep.

[2nd post, Miziko]-
With one last howl, a small gray wolf sat nearby a lake. Looking up at the sky, it howled, then appeared to be a small girl, about 4' 6". The girl had long pink hair that was tied back into a ponytail. Blue eyes shimmered in the light, making her geeky little smile shine. Shutting her eyes, Miziko smiled. When she opened them back up, she could see Kikino sleeping. With an evil grin, she slyly ran over to the boy. When she approched Kikino, she smiled once again. "KIKINO" she shouted, waiting for a response.

When speaking [I know I didn't do this up there], please use "" ,and color the text. But only color the text of the words they are saying.

EX: "Hello Mistress." the boy said in a deep tone.
"Hello Mistress." the boy said in a deep tone.

When the character is thinking, itallic and color their thoughts.

EX: 'Can this day get any worse?' the girl asked herself, slouching in her chair.
'Can this day get any worse?' the girl asked herself, slouching in her chair.



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Roleplay Guide
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