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 Rikku Habiki

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PostSubject: Rikku Habiki   Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:53 pm

Name: Rikku Habiki


Gender: Female

Age: 16

Anime/Game: N/A

Made-up?: Made up

Race: Varies from RPs [can be a halfbreed, vampire, elemental, tamer, and/or etc.]

Description: Rikku has brown hair that is to her shoulders, it is wavy and is usually braided to the right. Her eyes are yellow, her skin is pale, she is a little below average height, is as skinny as a rail and her wardrobe consists of mainly skinny jeans/tight shorts, tank tops, a loose sweatshirt, and converse/chuck taylors/boots.


Background Info: Rikku, as a child, never knew her parents. She was always going from one home to another before finally having enough of it and leaving her last home and leaving due to her birthday that didn't end well. She discovered her fire abilities and set the house on fire because of her mind being clouded with shock and fear. Rikku's personality was affected by this, the loud, sarcastic and out-going Rikku that use to walk through a house without a care is now shy, cautious, nervous and has trust-issues with just about anyone. Even though she seems like a loner, she prefers to be in a group of people than to be alone, she's scared of the thought that she'll die alone while walking through a town or forest.

Specialties: Varies between roleplays.....She is mostly either a fire bender, half wolf/snowleopard [can shift into those], a vampire, or whatever the rp is about 030

Sample Roleplay: Rikku walked down the street, her small hand bag draped across her chest in a formal manner. She looked at all the people passing her, wondering what they were like and who they had that cared for them. Rikku frowned and turned the corner of the street, sighing, the heavy and dull feeling in her chest returning as she remembered her last home that had felt like her true home finally before she had messed up. She hadn't meant to burn down the house, it was just that her fear took over and before she knew it, the flames had begun to spread and she just took off, knowing the family would think of her as a freak and send her some place with the other 'crazies' or 'special' people. Rikku bit her lower lip and continued on, hoping to atleast find someone who shared the same feelings as her, someone she cuold finally call a friend without fearing betrayal.

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Rikku Habiki
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