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 Moderators and Admins!

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PostSubject: Moderators and Admins!   Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:19 pm

Soon after this site gets at least 20 members or at least 10+ posts a day, i will think about making people moderators or maybe even making someone an Admin.

Requirements to be nominated for Modship:

Online frequently.
Chats in the Chat box.
Welcomes/Helps the new members.
Is friendly.
Knows how to roleplay.
Follows the rules.
Can suggest new things to add to the site.
Has 30+ posts
Has brought at least 1 person to this site.

Requirements to be nominated for Adminship:

Online frequently.
Chats in the Chat box frequently.
Welcomes/Helps new members.
Is friendly, responsible, and trustworthy.
Knows how to roleplay
Can follow the rules all of the time.
Has 50+ posts
Has brought at least 2 people to the site.
Has posted in roleplays.
Has experience in background, images, coding, etc...[maybe, but preferably]

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Moderators and Admins!
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