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PostSubject: sup   Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:53 pm

hi Kimi. i told you i was joining from deviant art. we met in a warrior RP site which i was banned from (FOR SWEARING ONE SINGLE TIME!), maby u remember. so anyways, since we never rely met in an RP form i guess im gonna tell you that i am a fairly experienced RP-er. my first (official) RP was a guild on GAIA online called neko university. before neko university (in the unofficial RPs) i used to RP in script format. where you type your name, put a colon after it, put actions you did in stars and didn't put anything around what you said. then once i joined my first official RP i learned how to RP in book format and i have become quite comfortable with it (u probably don't have the time to be reading all this).
now almost every post i make in an RP is pretty dang close to an entire paragraph some times. but yeah, that's my life's RP history. its a pleasure to join your site.
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