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 Is this okay??

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Iikugen Shady


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PostSubject: Is this okay??   Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:54 pm

Name: Jill Densal

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Anime/Game: Wolf's rain (kind of)

Made-up?: kind of

Race: Truley a Azure Eye (magical wolf) but likes to blind in with humans

Description: Tall and black haired, her eyes are almost almost green and she has a pretty good build, but she's not very strong, just fast.

Background Info: Her father was an alpha of a REALLY big pack but she hated that life and ran away. She wondered on her own for a few months and found her ability to use the Azure Flames and Shift into a human were really useful. Her wings though, she still dosn't cair for.

Specialties: She's an Azure Eye who's really supposed to be watching over the packs but made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up liking the human life-style. She has a Azure Flame which is just a powerful blue fire that will only burn things she wants it to. Also she is able to make black wings appear for a short amount of time but she never uses them.

Sample Roleplay: Jill pulled her cap over her head, humans shure did know how to live, that was for shure. Just that day she'd visited some place called a stadium and watched humans toss around a ball, trying to get from one white square to another. The sight made her laugh so much she could hardly eat her food. She could get used to this, working some days, lounging on others, it seemed a lot better than having to work every day and most of the night. Just as she was walking down the sidewalk she sighted a mirror and staired at herself. She had only bairly pulled this one off, next time she would do better because she was almost shure her green eyes were turning their old Azure color.
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Is this okay??
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