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 Kyndori's Audition

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PostSubject: Kyndori's Audition   Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:45 pm

Name: Kyndori Lucida


Gender: Female

Age: 88

Anime/Game: Character comes from World of Warcraft (blood elf hunter) but is not limited

Made-up?: N/A

Race: Elf

Description: Frost covers her body. Her bleach blonde hair travels slightly past her shoulders and her eyes are a neutral blueish-green. Huntress armor protects her cold body with icicles hanging off

Background Info: Her home village, Hellvitica was pillaged. All the women were raped and the men were killed. At the time she was only a child at 22 human years of age. She saw her mother get brutally beaten and didnít know what to think of it. When she realized what had happened to Hellvitica some 50 years later, she decided to make a rebellion group against the intruders, the Khemr. They are undead beings, usually coated with tumors of acid along their bodies and have a distinct rotting egg smell to them. Their rotted skin is a dark grey or purple and they canít talk, only moan. However, their muscles supply heavy force regardless of the rot.
Specialties: Uses a bow made of permafrost ice and shoots arrows that if not dodged, freeze the target. Also shoots arrows that supply brainfreeze and stun the target for her to shoot basic frozen arrows. More becoming available with training

Sample Roleplay:
Kyndori tumbles across the frozen grass onto the roof of the building built into the cliff, the inn. Hearty Khemrs were groaning and drinking the special elven grog that always refilled itself. They called it Maiandra, translated in elven to Ďthe plentiful drinkí. These demon beasts were not expecting any survivors of the elven they had destroyed so long ago to have any chance against their strength. One unsuspecting target was limping his way to the inn; no others were around to spot him.
She shot her frozen arrow which had not been avoided and his body began to freeze from the affected area in a radial direction. He tried to alert others inside the inn by roaring loudly, but no one heard his cry.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyndori's Audition   Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:48 pm

Welcome to Roleplay Massacre!

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Kyndori's Audition
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