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 Choazeen Academy

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PostSubject: Choazeen Academy   Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:51 am

The human's eyes can not see anything, but a field. A boring field with nothing of interest to them. This field holds something spectactular though. Something that, if the humans could see it, would be beyond reality. Choazeen Academy is beyond reality. This Academy sits right on this very field, hiding the school and the people in it with an invisible border from the real world. If you are special enough to see this fine academy, well then welcome to your future young one.
Choazeen Academy is a school for magical beings, such as vampires, were-wolves, half-breeds, shifters, wizards, mermaids, fairies, elves, demons, angels, and even ghosts. These students are chosen exclusively to be in this academy and learn about who they are and what they can do.
Unfortunately, the high council of Choazeen Academy still has its annual Choazeenian Clash where some students are chosen to go into this arena where they must survive through attacks from creatures and a lot more difficult challenges throughout the clash. After a week in this arena the alive students are free to return to their courses at Choazeen Academy and be safe from going back into another clash for several years.
Students never exactly have had freedom in this school though. Once the graduate they cannot leave unless they survived a Clash, and even then there is different things they must do if they ever want to leave.
Even though their is dark things in this academy, it is home for many of beings. Welcome to Choazeen Academy.
Okay so this is a mix of the hunger games, house of night, and my weird throw in of more magical peoples beside vampires. Basically it is a school where these people learn about what kind of magical creature they are and live their lives. Throughout their years of schooling their is these clash where students of any age are randomly selected to compete in and try to survive. Surviving this helps you get money, fame, and freedom. Not to mention, it gives you the oppurtunity to maybe even get onto this high council which consists of professors and other clash survivors.
Okay so with that here is the bio form-

Oh and here are a few rules-
1( You can make a professor or student that already was in and survived a clash, but I won't allow everyone to be a survivor. I would also rather only have professors being survivors and you can make a professor.
2( No weird beings. Like no one fourth vampire, one fourth shifter, and half mermaid. I will accept a half and half like half shifter and half fairy or something, but no being extremly powerful or anything. Also, no weird beings that are made up or not heard of often. People have to have a basic knowledge of what the being is.
3( No Mary-sues. Your cannot have a perfect character!!!
4( Please post more than one line!! No one likes one-liners.
5( Woot, have fun! Very Happy
Here is my peoples-

Name- Aspen Reed/ Professor Reed
Age-247(looks around 24)
Gender- female
Breed-Half Vampire- Half Elf
Personality- Aspenn is an intelligent and sarcastice person. She is very opionionated and stands up for whatever she believes in. She won't tolerate any bullsh*t and at times can be snarky.
Other- She was a survivor in one of the clashes so now she is on the high council and is a professor.

Name-Felix Kinrely
Breed- half angel- half demon
Description- he has light green eyes and no tatoos on his arms
Personality-Felix is very optimistic and he likes to joke around. He is usually considered a jerk because he came from a family with a lot of money, but he is actually a very considerate person. Felix has a very overactive imagination that always is making him think outside the box.
Other- His dorm room is 126

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PostSubject: Re: Choazeen Academy   Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:54 pm

Name- Rikku
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Breed- half shifter[can only shift into 2 animals] and half wizard [can cast fire magic]
Description- Human



Personality- Rikku is very stubborn, sarcastic and likes to joke around but she is mostly quiet, she doesnt like to be pushed around and when she's in a serious situation she can get really eerie, mysterious, and strangely serious.
Other- Likes Felix?

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Choazeen Academy
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