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 Amelia Lockheart

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PostSubject: Amelia Lockheart   Sun Apr 10, 2011 7:08 pm

Name: Amelia Lockheart

Nickname: [N/A]

Gender: Female

Age: 16


Made-up?: Yes

Race: Human

Description: Amelia stands 5'2 high with choppy short brunette hair. Her blue eyes cold and hard and are outlined by her light tan skin. Her body is curvy but also has a medium sized belly that she hides with jackets zipped up to the bottom of her chest. She walks around in jeans, sneakers, any clean t-shirt, and a jacket.

Image: Photobucket

Background Info: Amelia had been thrown from her village at the age of 14 for stealing from the market. She camped at the doors of the village and was visited by her mother who brought her supply. Clothes, food, and eventually her twin daggers she used when she used to be a rouge. She made Amelia promise not to use them for anything but protection. After a full year of this her mother stopped coming. People came out to dump water on the 15 year old bum who pleaded them for scraps. These people hardened a shell over her heart and soul. As she finally moved on Amelia had grown from her scrawny twig body at 4'5 to a larger 5'2 brat.

Specialties: Human, Uses water magic (her element), and her twin daggers.

Sample Role play: Amelia walked down a narrow street of a strange old village her appearance over looked by many people walking besides her elbowing their way through. She was almost inviable to every one except one. He was the protector of his village and the intruder threw him off. Her cold eyes made his insides twist and turn. She could feel the eyes of this boy on her back as she quickly pushed her way through and ran into a corner. Her heart twisting in fear she jumped on many crates, a surprisingly easy task for her, and over the wall of the village sprinting far away hiding behind a tree. She grumbled as she walked on to find another village looking into her almost empty pack and then to the village walls where the outline of a boy was on the wall of the village looking at her. She shivered, shouldered her pack, and walked on.
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PostSubject: Re: Amelia Lockheart   Mon May 02, 2011 5:26 pm

Accepted i guess

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Amelia Lockheart
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