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 Anubis Shadow

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PostSubject: Anubis Shadow   Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:27 pm

Name: Anubis Ice Shadow
Nickname: Julian
Gender: Male
Age: Looks 17
Made-up?: Made Up
Race: Shadow Man
Description: Frost, white hair, icy blue eyes, lean and sort of muscaler. Snake tattoo on left arm, wolf tattoo on right arm, has weird markings on arms, chest, and some on face (but usaully they can't be seen). Has a dagger earing in right ear.
Background Info: He was abussed for about 16 years by his father, his mother is dead, has 7 other brothers. His father blammed him for everything that had happend to him and played "specail games" with him. After being put under foster care he busted out because he couldn't take it. He found Anue and her brothers but now Anue's brothers and Julian's brothers have just disappeared.
Specialties: He is able to do ruins from the weird markings on his arm, he can make the tattoos on his arms come to life, he also does fire.
Sample Roleplay: Julian came home, blood was roaring in his ears. He came home to see cars;that was always a bad feeling to him. He walked up to house to find Foster People in his house talking to his brothers. He glanced a look at his father who was just standing their like a statue.
I didn't do anything Julian thought. Julian was set down to talk to the Foster people;he told them about his life there but couldn't help but feeling guilty about telling the actaul truth. They all left into a cars, none of them even got to say goodbye before they were driven away to their new homes.

(am i aloud to make more charcters later?)

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Anubis Shadow
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