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 What is this?

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Sazuki Ryne

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PostSubject: What is this?   Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:56 pm

Welcome to the Character Graveyard. This is where all disowned/inactive characters go.

I don't want to use this character anymore. What do I do?
- All you need to do is fill out the forum below. Before you make a new character ,wait for an admin or mod to PM you, telling you that your forum has been viewed.
+ Remember, putting your character in the Graveyard will allow over characters to take him/her. It is possible that you won't get your character back. Think carefully before putting them here.

Name: [characters name]
Why?: [why are you putting them here?]
Link: [link to your accepted character. this will be found in the accepted characters forum]

I didn't fill out the forum. Why is my character here?
- Characters may end up in here for a few reasons.
+ They were inactive.
+ Your account has been deleted.
+ Your account has been banned and you lost that character. [this happens rarely.]
+ You have been inactive for a month.

Can I get my character back?
- Yes you can. Just PM an admin, telling them why you think they are in here, and we might give them back.
+ You will not get them back if you broke a rule, unless it was minor.

I see a character I want in here. How do I get them?
- Fill out the forum below.

Name: [of character]
Number: [how many characters do you have right now?]

Note, you may not take out a character from the Graveyard if you have three or more characters.
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What is this?
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