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 Kachina Valentino

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PostSubject: Kachina Valentino   Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:46 pm

This is the role she will play if I am accepted and be able to make a roleplay:


Kachina is a very mischevious little 12 year old, who had been trained since she could remember, to be the tough one. She has skilled in combat, such as spear, knives, guns, tridents, you name it. And she can do it. This spunky little girl, is not as cute and innocent as she seems. Kachina has stumbled across a secret society for people with superhuman strengths. They accept Kachina, which was great. One problem. She didn't have any superpowers. She has to work harder than ever to prove herself worthy, by completing a long, dangerous journey into the heart of the most evil place, and defeat the worst of the worst. Her job is to stay alive using her survival skills, and her skill of combat. Will she make it? Or burn in the flames of other's glory?


Kachina's family lived in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere. Hungry, cold, and poor. Her mother gave birth to Kachina, but unfortunately her mother died shortly after, due to childbirth. Kachina had no family, but her dad after her mom died. Her father taught her all he knew, to keep them alive. One day, her father went out to gather water at a river, far away. And he never came back. Kachina was now all alone. Kachina had to survive on her own for 2 years. No hope was left for Kachina, until she joined a tribe, born to kill. Kachina ran away, and never went near anyone ever again.
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Kachina Valentino
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